The Charan Foundation takes budding sports stars to the largest international youth football tournament in the Southern hemisphere


Three young students from northwest Melbourne have returned from the Kanga Cup after receiving funding from the Charan Foundation.

The Kanga Cup, hosted in Canberra, Australia, is a week-long event held every year to champion the uniting of the youth of the world through football.

 As Australia’s premier youth football festival, and the largest of its kind in the Southern hemisphere, the Kanga Cup holds a special place within the football family and is an annual calendar highlight for youth footballers of Australia and the world.

Three lucky students were sponsored by the Charan Foundation to attend the 2018 Kanga Cup. Kelly Yates, Kellie Pham and Mikaylah Fitzgarld, all pupils at Keilor Downs Secondary College in Melbourne’s northwest.

“The Charan Foundation helps Melbourne’s shining sporting superstars reach their full potential – from local community sports all the way to representing your country on the national stage,” said Sally Charan, Head of Community Engagement for the Charan Foundation.

20 further scholarships have been awarded in 2019. “The talent is 2018 was exceptional and I’m thrilled we get to offer more opportunities to even more young sports men and women across 2019,” said Sally.  

“I’m especially excited to get young girls passionate and active in sport. Kelly, Kellie and Mikaylah’s experience is so inspiring and I hope other young women see their story and contact the Charan Foundatio to see how we can make their sporting dreams come true.”

Sally Charan