Biography of Kaidyn Tucker, Youth Engagement Grant 2017/18 Recipient

Hello Kaidyn Tucker is my name and Bendigo City is my club. I’m going into my third year with the football club and I am 12 years old. Before Bendigo City I grew up on Spring Gully Soccer pitches in Bendigo where my Dad coached me every year since I was 6. My very first coach was named Terry and he nicknamed me Pocket Rocket because I was so small! I’m still not big but I am strong!

The highlight of my soccer career was travelling to Japan in August this year for the Victorian Country Representative squad with 3 good friends of mine, Zac Francis, Mac Hilson and Edward Harrison. This grant will help my parents pay for that trip and my upcoming Futsal Trip to Sydney in early 2018. I have made this Nationals team 7 times now and the head coach of Victoria Country Futsal Corey Smith is my coach, and this year I hope we make it to the grand final, which we missed out on last year by one game.

I love playing soccer and futsal because it is so much fun. I love the challenges representative squads bring me and I am very lucky to have a dedicated family who support me everywhere I go.  I have a big brother Callum and a little sister Lulu and they are on the sidelines of most of my games wherever I am in Australia. Sometime my brother is even reffing me, which is always fun, but he never lets me get away with anything!

I dream to play soccer in Europe and I train everyday with the hope this comes true. I am happiest when I am on the soccer pitch and thank you for helping me get to Japan.   

The Youth Engagement Grant, proudly brought to you by Charan Foundation and founder - Atkinson Prakash Charan.

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