Charan Foundation $100,000 National Youth Engagement Grant 2018/19

Financial Support For athletes, community sport And Clubs – Apply For A Grant Up To $750

The Charan Foundation Youth Engagement Grant is providing a financial assistance grant to individuals and teams/clubs that are experiencing financial hardship in order to support them to improve their capacity, skills and accessibility to the best development programs and pathways within Australia.
Support is available to assist community sport and athletes for reasonable core / mandatory costs of participating in training, competition, and for high performance athletes and teams to compete at national championships or selection events.

Community organisations and individuals delivering and participating in sport programs within Australia may apply.

  • any club, organisation or individual can only submit one application

  • a degree of financial hardship may need to be presented in order for a successful application

  • it is at full discretion of the Charan Foundation to approve of any application and their decision is final

  • the grant is open until funds run out.

Ensure that your application has as much detail as possible and it is to include:

  • the amount in which you are applying for

  • financial hardship description

  • any photos

  • references.